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The Next Generation of Institutional Lending

Businesses of all sizes – from agent banks to asset managers – use LoanOS to advance their operational efficiency.
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Unified platform

A fully integrated solution, leveraging advanced technologies.

People are at the heart of the syndicated loan market. LoanOS Network participants share, transact and reconcile on the world's most advanced platform with amazing tools for loan admin, trading, portfolio management, and much more.
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Designed by experts with passion for the industry

A secure, private network for the syndicated loan industry.

We've pondered the intricacies of the industry since its inception, agonized over the lack of technology solutions - so we built a solution that solves not just the biggest problems, but the often overlooked ones, too.
Forest Park Loan System

Comprehensive Structure Coverage

Adaptable smart contracts ensure coverage for even the most complex deal structures.
Forest Park LoanOS System

Trust Free Data Verification

Both at rest and in transit, we leverage the power of enterprise distributed ledger technology for sensitive reference data.
Forest Park Blockchain Substrate Loan System

Rosetta Stone for Legacy Systems

Unifying the disparate, decayed communication architecture of loan syndication into one centralized solution: LoanOS.
Why LoanOS

A data integrity approach to LoanOS and finance

Forest Park LoanOS Secure


Add closing groups to an order to settle seamlessly. Synced together through secure keys, all counterparties close on the same set of data.
Forest Park LoanOS Blockchain Based

Trade Scenarios

Trade architecture enables Algorithmic Settlement Date Coordination. Agents can prioritize and optimize trade approvals.
Forest Park Loan Management

Synchronous Reference Data

Unstructured data is a thing of the past. LoanOS data administration and real time reconciliation drive effortless trade confirmation and real-time reporting.
Forest Park Smart Loan Management

Network Validation

Data integrity is part and parcel of the LoanOS experience -- straight from the source, with no 3rd party information brokers or vendors.
Forest Park Group Layer Loan ModelForest Park Group Layer Loan ModelForest Park Group Layer Loan ModelForest Park Group Layer Loan Model
Forest Park Group
Why LoanOS

A custom implementation tailored to your environment, by your environment – seamless performance, lightning fast settlement times.



Our engineers and developers will learn your pain points, become familiar with technical direction, and innovate around your needs.



By providing a clear path to powerful efficiency, no solution is ever replicated, only elevated.



We deliver the product directly into your environment, with our engineers working closely with your technical team to provide flawless deployment.



Continued customer support and life cycle improvements will complement the feature-rich package that LoanOS provides your business.
Forest Park Group LoanOS
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