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A modern operating system for institutional lending organizations.

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Syndicated Lending as a Service

A unifying foundation for loan ops

Loan ops teams can now share, transact and reconcile on synchronous technologies with amazing tools to support loan admin, trading, portfolio management, and reconciliation.
Forest Park Group Loan Managment Blockchain Products
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Explore integrations and insights

Managing high capacity loan operations

We've pondered the intricacies of the industry since its inception, agonized over the lack of technology advancements - so we built solutions that solve not just the biggest problems, but the often overlooked ones, too.
Forest Park Loan System

Be Guarded.

Both at rest and in transit, we unify the power of military-grade encryption with organizational controls to protect sensitive loan operations data across even the most complex lending platforms.
Forest Park LoanOS System

Be Closing.

Enhance your transaction coordination expertise with modern ops tools and insights. Deploy secure closing groups to manage capacity and eliminate trade flow bottlenecks.
Forest Park Blockchain Substrate Loan System

Be Rosetta.Sync

Deploy fully-featured suite of APIs for integrating data and unifying ops processes across your workflows to reduce manual research and distracting log-in pages.
Explore security & data privacy

Expanding lines of sight into trade flows

Forest Park LoanOS Secure


Embedded at every counter-party coordination event, our GuardedRead privacy engine protects critical trade data and enables secure sharing of trade processes and information across business units.
Forest Park LoanOS Blockchain Based


Our RosettaSync services unlock data and insight integrations out of the box, connect existing systems and teams to reduce processing times across your entire lending stack.
Forest Park Loan Management


Don't let bad data dry up trade flows and crunch your traders' returns, instead deploy operational capabilities that can deliver consistency to the mandate of your liquid credit strategies.
Forest Park Smart Loan Management


Join the LoanOS Network and enable compliance administration with real time reconciliation to drive effortless trade confirmation and real-time reporting.  
Forest Park Group Layer Loan ModelForest Park Group Layer Loan ModelForest Park Group Layer Loan ModelForest Park Group Layer Loan Model
Forest Park Group
Joining the LoanOS Network

A custom implementation tailored to your environment, by your environment – seamless performance, lightning fast ops transformation.



Our engineers and developers will learn your pain points, become familiar with technical direction, and innovate around your needs.



By providing a clear path to powerful efficiency, no solution is ever replicated, only elevated.



We deliver directly into your environment, with our engineers working closely with your technical team to provide flawless deployment.



Continued customer support and life cycle improvements will complement the feature-rich package that LoanOS provides your business.
Forest Park Group LoanOS
Forest Park Group
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- Audre Lorde
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