The next generation of institutional lending.

The next generation of institutional lending.

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/ The Problem /

The leveraged loan market experiences an average settlement time of 23 days in North America, doubled to more than 6 weeks in Europe.

The industry lacks granular insights into trades, is highly regulated, and is manually processed through antiquated point-to-point systems. This causes significant information asymmetry and illiquidity.

/ Our Solution /

Leveraging the power of a private, permissioned, and token agnostic blockchain framework in tandem with state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, we have created a decentralized source of truth to power automation in LoanOS.

In this new paradigm, settlement times are reduced to as little as T+1, and existing legacy systems can be integrated to mitigate disruptions to workflow and ease onboarding – all while creating the first and only unified dataspace for buyers, sellers, and agents.

/ Be Liquid /

“Forest Park has built a platform that we believe holds great promise for expediting trade settlement for syndicated loans.”

– Joe Boerio, Chief Risk & Transformational Officer, Franklin Templeton Investments

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