Welcome to LoanOS.

/ The Risks /

Despite strides in bank loan settlements, the closing process still requires high-touch back-office coordination and weeks to settle a transaction.

Additionally, traditional ops workflows ignore the sensitivity and importance inherent to the industry, particularly surrounding integrity and trust between institutions. A secure component is needed that respects expected and conventional authority on a per-partner basis.

/ Our Product /

LoanOS is the world's first FinSecOps SaaS platform, built and tailored to market fit by loan operations professionals.

With LoanOS, the entire closing process, from origination to third party approval, is unified on a single, modern platform -- allowing everyone involved in the process to participate, monitor, and manipulate trade deals from allocations to funding.

/ Our Technology /

Deployed cloud-native within AWS and leveraging the token-agnostic, powerful Substrate framework for immutable submissions, LoanOS is the custodian of integrity for the world's largest financial deals.

Using state-of-the-art distributed ledger technology, the immutable network streamlines complex data communications across secure channels and guarantees authority from multi-participant validation. LoanOS remains highly performant by preserving multi-tenant efficiency in application execution, while dataspaces are tailored, segmented, and unique to financial institutions.